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The Association of NEE

The Association of Non-Government Educational Establishments is chaired by Firuza Narimanovna Vakhabova. What are the benefits of membership in the Association for us?

  • Sharing and exchanging experience, learning from best practices in the field of educational services.
  • Establishing friendly partnership relations and an atmosphere of healthy competition with the most advanced private institutions in Uzbekistan.
  • Participation in international seminars, conferences, webinars.
  • Exchange visits to affiliated organizations and institutions.
  • Financial and moral support for teachers from the Foundation of the Association NEE during difficult circumstances (pandemic, sick-leaves).
  • Affordable and high-quality professional development of employees of all qualifications through Zie-Muallim.
  • Foreign educational and cultural trips to prestigious schools in Europe and Asia.
  • Access to participation in republican and international student Olympiads and conferences.
  • The daily exchange of important news and receiving the latest reliable news directly from the Ministry of Public Education.

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