Useful links

YaKlass — a digital educational resource with 1,6 trillion school assignments and 1,500 video lessons on 13 school subjects available for teachers, students, and their parents.


Useful links

Russian language and Literature:

  1. – Russian language website for schoolchildren and their parents
  2. – website on Russian language and Literature with useful information both for schoolchildren and their parents
  3. – website for learners of Russian as a foreign language
  4. – a lot of useful information about the Russian language, examples of essays and presentations, competitions, and tests for erudition
  5. – dictation writing
  6. – book reviews
  7. the first digital library of
  8. channel «learn, remember, review»  
  9. – the virtual library of New
    Town school


English:  – interesting and accessible teaching of the English language in a fun way.   –  a free site for English learners that offers free English vocabulary sheets, English grammar sheets, English exercises and English lessons. – learn English through songs

Puzzle English — video lessons taught by native speakers – free worksheets  – free worksheets, video lessons, and presentations  – audiobooks for kids read by professional actors   –  free English news lessons adapted for different levels  – radio programs, audio books – engaging video lessons on grammar and vocabulary


ESL Grammar Quizzes – tests on grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and Australian English

English Test и Non-Stop English – tests on English

4 теста из Кембриджа


Multitran – words, phrases, and not only – online dictionary


Mathematics: – everything you need on Maths in one place  lesson plans on Maths, Algebra, Geometry   task bank on Mathemetics in the English language for Grades 7-11 and university students  a free logic tests bank with answers for those who want to improve their problem solving skills

School maths — teaching materials on Maths and Computer Science – official webpage of the international Maths contest Kangaroo



Gazetteer— maps in Geography, geographical atlas

Geographical Encyclopedia — concise and informative data about what you need to know about Geography at school



Chronos — a world history on the Internet, all historical events in the chronological order



Fascinating biology – good material supply in Biology, Botany, Molecular Biology, Ecology

Biology— e-textbook, modules: Botany, Zoology, Human Anatomy, General Biology, Ecology– Biology teaching whose motto is “Teach and learn playing.”

Flora and fauna — popular encyclopedia providing information on 3,900 world animal and plant species


Physics: — textbooks, «checkers», lessons, task books on Physics


General subject resources: – video lessons in all subject disciplines – a unified collection of digital educational resources – universal popular science encyclopedia


For cognitive development:

Stellarium — 3D planetarium on computer; we recommend installing a Russian version, for instance, from this site

Puzzle — solve encrypted riddles and entertaining puzzles, enhance your problem-solving skills — logical tasks and puzzles — ideal training for the brain

MuzLand — high-quality selection of chord changes to a lot of songs


I wonder…:

Museum of Facts — spend half an hour with a teenager to learn about a brief description of interesting events

Museums of the world— Video Tour of the most famous museums and stories about paintings by famous artists


Illusion— visual illusions and phenomena from the Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University — biographies of successful people and historical figures, quotes and aphorisms



Online-Journal.Net — free access to online journals without registration– all issues of the science journals on Physics and Mathematics  — monthly publication (St. Petersburg) for schoolchildren containing interesting and helpful reading materials


For preschoolers:

Sunshine— wide variety of educational and entertaining recourses for preschoolers

Reader’s journal  – fairytales, stories, poems, and fables for preschoolers and schoolchildren of Grades 1-2

Fuun-filled lessons— teaching reading and mathematics, cultivating and developing memory, language and attention

Grade school— activities for children from a creative teacher of elementary classes — play-and-learn games and lessons to prepare children to start school — interesting tasks helping children to prepare to start school

Grow clever! — child development blog with lots of educational games and activities, coloring, and crafting

For teachers – If you are tired of boring multiple-choice tests that are more like a “guessing game”, try it This tool will make your lessons more informative and interesting. Another tool for creating tests with open questions is, which allows you to receive answers, display them on the board in real time and create a magical atmosphere. – materials for the 1st grade program (literary reading, mathematics, Russian language, the surrounding world)