Grade 7
The great Uzbek astronomer on the Samarkand throne
The Wisdom of a millennium. Ulugbek - Great Prince
Tamerlane. Steppe architect
Grade 8
The Kokand Khanate formation of the Kokand Khanate
The Kokand Khanate, XVIII-XIX centuries (the political situation)
Japan on the path of modernization
The Latin American War of Independence
The Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. The Young Turk Revolution
Grade 9
XIX century The conquest of the Russian Empire in Central Asia
The conquest of the Russian Empire in Central Asia. Central Asian possessions of the Russian Empire
The annexation of the Caucasus, Armenia, Central Asia, Georgia, Bessarabia by the Russian Empire
Resettlement of Russians to Central Asia. People's Road
Causes and outbreak of the First World War
Results of the First World War
Development of science
Europe and the United States in the early 20th century
Ancient Rome
Rome’s conquest of Italy
Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece. Labors of Hercules.
Ancient Greece: overview lesson
Myths of Ancient Greece. Myth and Fairy Tale
Prehistoric people
Chronology of history. Life of early humans.
Early humans
The emergence of agriculture and pastoral activities
Rise of Ancient Egypt
The emergence of the state in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Mesopotamia
Civilization in Ancient Mesopotamia
The conquests of Alexander the Great in the East
Alexander the Great
How did the Great Silk Road connect East and West?
the Great Silk Road: Central Asia
China in ancient times
The first ruler of a unified China
Nature and People of Ancient India
Myths of Ancient India. "Creation", "The Legend of the Creation of the Night"
Indian caste
Bactria: Greek Kingdom in Central Asia
Ancient Bactria
An Intro lesson. What is the Middle Ages?