Education and Culture Center at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea

IZB private school has signed a bilateral agreement with the Education Center of the Republic of Korea at the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and launched the instruction of the Korean language at the junior levels of the school. The Center for Education of the Republic of Korea takes care and assistance in learning […]

The Association of NEE

The Association of Non-Government Educational Establishments is chaired by Firuza Narimanovna Vakhabova. What are the benefits of membership in the Association for us? Sharing and exchanging experience, learning from best practices in the field of educational services. Establishing friendly partnership relations and an atmosphere of healthy competition with the most advanced private institutions in Uzbekistan. […]

PTT Prom Torg Texnika

We wish to acknowledge the excellent cooperation of the two representatives of the PTT Prom Torg Texnika, Danil, Bekzod who were of great assistance in providing the school with modern kitchen equipment. The company provided the school with boilers for cooking first courses, a steam oven for preparing various dishes, refrigeration devices, rice cookers, and […]

Russian educational distance-learning platform Ya Klass

Difficulties during the pandemic and the remoteness of education forced the school administration to find a reliable partner in distance learning. And we are immensely glad that we have begun our successful cooperation with the distance-learning online platform Ya Klass. Our pupils, who make up more than 300 children of Grades 2-9, are engaged in […]


(SNAIL – Additional Education Centre) Distance olympiads and competitions SNAIL (SNAIL) in English. Pupils of all grades love to compete. Competitions with enthusiasm – this is what awaits participants in online contests and English Olympiads from SNAIL. For two years now, the pupils of our school have been actively participating in SNAIL projects. SNAIL is […]

Creative View

Creative View – Hi-Tech Park, Gwangju, China is our partner that supplies our school with modern digital technology and the necessary equipment for schools and kindergartens. With their assistance and support, we managed to purchase electronic interactive whiteboards (IWB) first-hand. And now the teachers and pupils of our school have the unique opportunity to exploit […]