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Our school is one of the most successful schools in Namangan city. It provides quality education by State standards of the Republic of Uzbekistan to all children from the first to the ninth grade. The school is with Russian-medium instruction. Additional optional classes due to subjects are arranged to carry out an in-depth study of Maths and the English language.

The creative, proactive, and professional team of teachers and educators helps children quickly adapt to modern society, understand and accept universal human values. The components vital for the success of our school are to create a first-class school environment for the development of learning and a convenient distance-learning platform during quarantine, provide a large selection of various hobby activities for the harmonious development of the child, the atmosphere of psychological comfort and safety of the child. Our goal is not just to give knowledge, but to teach the child to feel like a person - a person who is tuned in to success, able to think for themselves and make decisions, to be confident in their abilities.
Our motto is "Learn with joy!"
The school's favorable social and cultural environment enables it to exploit out-of-school institutions in its work for the creative development of the pupils. The most important socio-cultural centers of the city, such as the Barkamol Avlod Children's Art Palace (art, rhythmic gymnastics, dance, robotics circles), the Ocean swimming pool, a music school, the Bolshoi Tennis School, Tekstilshchik Palace of Culture (choreography circles, gymnastics) are located in the vicinity of the school.

Effective cooperation with the Association of Non-State Educational Institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan facilitates the school to participate in many international subject Olympiads and educational projects.

Today the organization has three kindergartens in different districts of the city of Namangan. The pupils of these kindergartens receive well-rounded harmonious development, and upon reaching school age, they transfer to primary school.

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