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I have known Matlyuba Ruvazhiddinovna for many years. She is a dedicated professional in her field. I wish prosperity and achievement of new heights to the school!

Dilfuza Sadriddinovna Isamukhamedova

Founding Director of NGEI «Future Education»


I would like to express my gratitude for the organization of the summer camp at  “IZB”  private school. Both of my children visit the camp and every day they come home with a very good mood. They are happy to attend all the clubs and are delighted with entertaining English lessons. Thank you for the good organization of the camp, for the benefit and mood for our children

Kamila Kapanadze

Sultan's mother


Many thanks to the school administration and teachers for motivating children to study and for high-quality education! The friendly atmosphere and individual approach to each student leaves parents satisfied. I am very glad that I’ve chosen you!

Guli Isakova

Zhasurbek's mother


I hope that your school’s activity and work experience will be summarized at the national level. This will further allow other schools in our country to improve the quality of education and the interest of students in engaging in the educational process.

Zemlyak Maksim Konstantinovich

head teacher of school No.158

Tashkent, Mirabad district

The school has an impressive potential and serious prospects for development. Well-organized work and a creative team is the key to the successful implementation of STEAM techniques in the school. I am sure that it will take a little time and the school will show  results in the quality of education.

Gribanova Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Principal of school No.158 of Tashkent city


A well-designed curriculum,  additional classes for expanding and consolidating knowledge and for all-round development  left a good impression of the school. I would be happy to start working with you to exchange experience! I wish further success and prosperity to  IZB school!

Iskandarova G. M.

Deputy Director


“Istiqbol zamon bolalari” school  left a pleasant impression on me. I especially liked the idea of launching a website that has so much informative content available to everyone. Your school website inspired me to create a similar website for our school. After all, now is the time of the Internet, and we need to keep up with the times.

Akhrorova Nodira

school No.158


“Istiqbol zamon bolalari” school  creates all conditions for the full mental, physical and aesthetic development of our child. Teachers find an approach to each student, taking into account his personality. We are very happy that we chose «IZB» school for our child’s education.

Marina Valentinovna

Bongir's mother


Having 40 years of experience in the field of education and being a well-deserved mentor and having  services to public education in Uzbekistan, I can confidently say that such schools as ” IZB ” are the schools of the future that will lay the foundation for the knowledge necessary for children in adult life. All the activities of the teaching staff, headed by the school director Matlyuba Ruvazhiddinovna, are designed so that children can not only know the school curriculum, but also develop comprehensively.

Muminova Lola Ibragimovna

Veteran, Honored Teacher of Uzbekistan, English teacher of the highest category


” IZB ” school  has a very good, high-quality program, and distance learning is designed in such a way that it does not differ much from the traditional one. The school has very interesting projects, and my daughter participates in many of them. Due to her active participation in school life, she became more confident in herself and in her knowledge. Thank you very much to the team of “IZB” for such a high-quality education!

Mashrapkhodzhayeva Irodakhon

Zhasmina's mother



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