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(SNAIL – Additional Education Centre)

Distance olympiads and competitions SNAIL (SNAIL) in English. Pupils of all grades love to compete.

Competitions with enthusiasm – this is what awaits participants in online contests and English Olympiads from SNAIL.

For two years now, the pupils of our school have been actively participating in SNAIL projects. SNAIL is the Additional Education Centre in Omsk, Russia, which conducts online competitions, subject olympiads, and tests several times during the year. These international online contests bring together a large number of participants of different ages from 20 countries. It allows pupils of all ages for a low fee to test and prove themselves in the given subject areas. EXtraordinary, exciting exercises and fun tasks encourage participants to use not only their knowledge of English but also broaden their horizons, look and see beyond the English classes. Each such competition is not limited to English alone. There are competitions in History, Music, Geography, Logic, and even there is a place for creativity and imagination. It is what distinguishes SNAIL olympiads from other olympiads and competitions.

Children perform tasks with great pleasure. These kinds of assignments make our pupils engaged in participating in SNAIL online olympiads, primarily in English. Each SNAIL olympiad or competition contains reading, listening, and writing tasks, so that anyone can try their hand at these engaging activities.

It is noteworthy that SNAIL is not only about English. The center conducts contests and olympiads in all school subjects, including:

●       Ecology

●       Astronomy

●       Maths

●       Russian

●       Literature

●       English

●       Social studies

●       History

●       Information technologies

●       Nature study

●       PE

●       Life-skills education

●       Music

●       Technology

●       Physics

●       Chemistry

●       Biology

●       Geography

●       French

●       German

●       Chinese

●       Arts

●       Robotics.

The center also organizes olympiads on general subjects.

Olympiads and competitions are held in one round within the walls of the school, the results of which are then sent to the center for processing. Each participant, regardless of the points scored and the rating receives a certificate for participating in the event. The certificates are solemnly awarded to the participants by the principal of the school.

The teachers of the English language Pakhomova N.R., Dick E.V. are responsible for conducting the contest at the school, and the organizer is Karimov S.B.

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