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Russian educational distance-learning platform Ya Klass

Difficulties during the pandemic and the remoteness of education forced the school administration to find a reliable partner in distance learning. And we are immensely glad that we have begun our successful cooperation with the distance-learning online platform Ya Klass. Our pupils, who make up more than 300 children of Grades 2-9, are engaged in studies on this online platform. The following features of the platform prove its user-friendliness:

  • facilitates the routine work of the teacher and parent to control the students’ homework
  • the program checks and grades automatically pupils’ work
  • increases the student’s engagement in mastering the subject
  • evaluates the acquired knowledge and skills of each student in the context of the class, parallel classes, school.
  • promotes healthy competition between learners
  • unites a team of teachers, parents, and pupils into one friendly institution
  • excludes rewriting and plagiarism during the assessments
  • introduces the basics of mastering digital technologies

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