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The Creative Fine Arts Circle

In Creative Fine Arts and Artistic Creativity circles, led by Tadjibaeva Mukaddam Salohiddinovna and Tegay Nadezhda Yurievna, children learn unconventional drawing techniques, such as:

  • stone painting
  • coffee technique
  • pointillism
  • 3D technique
  • thread graphics
  • plasticinography
  • scratch boarding;
  • making applications – one of the ways to obtain an image using various materials at hand
  • origami – the art of folding paper figures.

An innovative approach to drawing and artistic depiction of the environment allows children to reveal their inner potential and creative vision of the world, and has a great influence on the development of their mental and creative abilities.

Our guys took part in the International Drawing Contest in Japan. Below is a Letter of Commendation from the organizers and personal certificates to each participant.

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