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The program of the summer camp at “IZB”  school includes not only classes in school subjects, but also sports classes. So, for example, the boys with great pleasure go to the kart circuit, competing with each other on racing cars. “Mini-racing” is not an ordinary entertainment. Classes at the kart circuit not only infect positive emotions and contribute to the assimilation of driving skills, but also form a number of positive character qualities in the child and benefit for overall development. In addition, karting is not as dangerous as it seems. The car has a low speed and no gearbox. Children from the age of 5 are allowed to drive.

Going karting, the child will learn to strive for the goal and show perseverance. This sport also develops psychological endurance, independence and a sense of responsibility, which is important in the formation of a personality. Coordination of movements, quickness of reaction, strategy of conducting a fair fight, the ability to instantly assess the situation and make the right decision – all this can be acquired by doing karting.

In our camp, the boys visit the kart circuit, every other day. This is one of the favourite activities of the boys. They are very happy to drive cars, competing in speed, agility, showing their ability to drive a racing car, perform various maneuvers, react quickly and assess the situation. In addition to the above benefits, they are charged with positive emotions and a great mood for the whole day.

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