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Mental arithmetics

Mental arithmetic contributes to the mental development of the child, develops the cerebral hemispheres and fine motor skills, improves memory, helps to focus attention, and accelerates the logical thinking of the child.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, mental arithmetic was introduced into the school curriculum. Classes are held two hours per week in Grades 1-8. The main educational accessory is the abacus. Lessons are conducted playfully. Initially, the children learn to count with the help of the abacus; after having gained experience, they switch to mental counting.

In each lesson, teachers use different teaching methods, make them do the tasks by setting the timer. For those who wish, there are additional classes after lessons.

Today Ahadov Jakhongir and Karimov Khozhiakbar are showing good results.

Mental arithmetic is instructed by masters of their craft Rakhimov Zhakhongir Usmanovich and Zokirov Orifjon Odiljonovich.

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