Английский язык

5 класс:
The verb CAN for ability
Daily routine
Parts of body
8.09.2020-Who is the youngest?
12.10.2020-My robot has
20.11.2020-What time is it?
сказка о Present Simple
6 класс:
Polite request using “would you mind”
23.09.2020-Tidy up your room!
8.10.2020-Is there any fruit?
5.12.2020-What did you do yesterday?
Past Simple. Неправильные глаголы.
3.02.2021-Table manners
27.04.2021-Can birds and animals talk?
7 класс:
25.11.2020: Grammar:Present Perfect
12.01.2021-Let`s go shopping!
25.02.2021-Which continent is the largest?
20.04.2021-Grammar:Passive voice