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More than 800 families have benefited from our school services
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More than 800 families have benefitted from our school services
Our school is one of the most successful schools in Namangan city. It provides quality education by State standards of the Republic of Uzbekistan to all children from the first to the ninth grade. The school is with Russian-medium instruction. Additional optional classes due to subjects are arranged to carry out an in-depth study of Maths and the English language.
Our pride
We have created the best conditions for the educational process
Best teachers
Competent teaching staff with over ten years of experience offering quality education
Computer classes
A rich library with access to e-books in all areas of education
Individual approach
Aesthetically designed large and bright classrooms with twenty students each
Emphasis on sports
Equipped indoor and outdoor gyms allow you to train at any time of the year
Quality food
The kitchen and dining room are equipped with the latest technology. Nutritious and wholesome meals twice a day
High achievements
Training pupils for participation in international Olympiads and prestigious subject contests among the best schools
Extracurricular activities
In addition to learning, our children have time for further development


The favorite pastime of our boys, like all men, is football. The school

Mental arithmetics

Mental arithmetic contributes to the mental development of the child, develops the cerebral


Chess classes are of great importance in the upbringing of a child, they


The program of the summer camp at “IZB”  school includes not only classes


I have known Matlyuba Ruvazhiddinovna for many years. She is a dedicated professional in her field. I wish prosperity and achievement of new heights to the school!

Dilfuza Sadriddinovna Isamukhamedova

Founding Director of NGEI «Future Education»


A well-designed curriculum,  additional classes for expanding and consolidating knowledge and for all-round development  left a good impression of the school. I would be happy to start working with you to exchange experience! I wish further success and prosperity to  IZB school!

Iskandarova G. M.

Deputy Director


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Hello, school! What’s up?

So the hot summer and the fun holidays are over and it is time for a golden and warm autumn and for no less fun

Professors from America visited “IZB”

Двери «IZB» всегда открыты для гостей. Мы рады приветствовать их в стенах нашей ш The doors of ” IZB ” are always open for guests.

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