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Hello, school! What’s up?


So the hot summer and the fun holidays are over and it is time for a golden and warm autumn and for no less fun school time. Our school, “Istiqbol zamon bolalari”, once again opened its doors to students and let them into its caring embrace. The first school week is already left behind. What marked the beginning of this academic year? What is new in the walls of our school? In fact, we have a lot to tell about.

This academic year, the IZB school began to be much more recognizable among the private educational institutions of Namangan. Of course, the “good old” word of mouth makes a huge contribution to the recognition of the school. And we can be proud of this, because word of mouth marketing is, as a rule, really a sign of success, and in our case it is a doubtless  success, when the services provided by our school are have tested and approved by many parents and grandparents throughout the city. Otherwise, this kind of marketing would not have worked. Parents of hundreds of children trust us with their kids because they know, that in addition to basic knowledge, we put a good upbringing, comprehensive development, love for sports, creativity and everything beautiful in general and most importantly our soul into their children. Working with a soul and love for children is one of the important criteria for a good teacher. Moreover, this year our school won another grant from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Thanks to this, we have launched an active promotion. Our school website was involved in it, where valuable prizes were raffled among the participants, a special Telegram channel was created, which was already joined by more than 8 thousand participants, and the distribution of flyers and active advertising in Telegram channels was also involved. All this has also brought the harvest, increasing the recognition of our school by several more steps higher.

This academic year, the IZB school has welcomed about 100 new students into its arms. This is not bad at all for a private school that just a few years ago began its history with one class of 13 people! We have opened four first classes, one of them is a class with the Uzbek language of instruction. And this year we have launched a new, experimental project. It is a preparatory group of six-year-olds (for children born in 2015, who by law cannot yet be admitted to the first grade). A special program has been prepared for this group, it is different from the programs of kindergartens and other private preparatory institutions. Thanks to the active promotion and the work of our school website, parents from different foreign countries came to us, entrusting their children who do not speak either Russian or Uzbek to our school. And today, several foreign children are studying at our school, joining the friendly ranks of our students.

We were looking forward to the beginning of September and our children at school! The school was renovated, the classrooms became even more equipped, they have modern requirements everything necessary for comfortable, effective learning and for the comprehensive development of our students. We have updated the kitchen utensils and the menu – now there is even more delicious and healthy food!

Due to the expansion of the school, its staff has also increased. Now our school employs sixty highly qualified teachers who treat their work with responsibility and love, and treat children with care and understanding. We know how important it is for a child to understand that they hear him or her, that they listen to the peculiarities, take into account the character, interests, help him or her on the difficult path to knowledge. And we know how important it is for parents to understand that their child is treated with respect and diligently given knowledge. Our teachers are not only good teachers, but also good psychologists who are able to find the key to each child.

The first classes were patronized by teachers who have already successfully graduated children from primary school: these are Sevara Takhirovna, Svetlana Arsentiyevna, Zulfiya Nailyevna and Saodat Yakubzhanovna. For them this school year is the beginning of another stream with the first – graders. And each of their graduates is the pride of them and the school as a whole, because so much knowledge, effort and experience is put into each child.

Another important news is the construction of a new building for high school students. It will be designed for 300 students, there will be also a gym and a dining room in it. After completion of the construction, all classes will be equipped with the latest equipment, new furniture and everything necessary for comfortable training and stay of children at school.

We value our customers and provide them with all the conditions for them to choose us. And in return, our clients trust us with the most valuable thing they have that is  their children. This is the main award for us, because the “Istiqbol zamon bolalari” school meets their expectations, which means that we are doing everything right and developing in the right direction!

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