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«YUMMY!». “Mouthwatering” English Language lesson


The students of Grade 4A have been taught an unusual English Language lesson on the topic “Can I have a cup of tea?” The teacher executed innovative approaches and techniques to teach the students how to communicate in English. The kids learned how to offer and ask for food, studied the ingredients of salads, types of juices, desserts. It is noteworthy that the students could practice the knowledge and vocabulary learned during the lesson by preparing fruit and vegetable salads right during the class. The students had a unique opportunity to apply English in real-life situations. In the end, the kids got a lot of positive emotions and a delicious snack.

Along with traditional lessons, this type of class is indispensable in the school process. It enhances the students’ interest in the subject and helps introduce and use active vocabulary in a real-life situation, and in the process of such non-standard lessons, the children more easily remember the information received.

And we would like to thank the English Language teacher Dilrabo Tursunovna for the idea, the Grade 4A students for their participation, and their parents for their assistance!