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Visit to the WWII veteran


Within the framework of the Remembrance Week Grade 4 B students, together with their home-room teacher Zulfiya Nailevna, organized a trip to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Akhtariyeva Adiba Abzalovna.

The students had put a lot of preparation for this visit. Together with Grade 4 A students, they had organized fundraising and prepared gifts and presents, learned songs and dances. Adiba Abzalovna kindly welcomed our students and shared with them her wartime stories and experiences, enabling the children to be carried away to the history of that time. It was especially an emotional moment when Adiba Abzalovna sang the Victory Day song with our kids. 

Adiba Abzalovna is a distinguished veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Her youth came during the period of the atrocious war, which changed her destiny, as well as the fate of everyone who went through the Great Patriotic War.

Adib Abzalovna was born in Bashkiria, in the village Karabaev. After high school, she began to work on the farm. It was at this time that the terrible war broke out. On the home front, on her collective farm, Adiba Abzalovna and many other girls made handles from wood for machine guns for a military factory. She was awarded the Labor Front medal for her services in 1944. In 1960, by the will of fate, she came to Uzbekistan and stayed here to live. And here, for her services and contribution to the development of our country, Adiba Abzalovna was awarded medals Shukhrat, Veteran of Labor, and medals of socialist competition.

The children were very lucky to have heard first-hand stories about the war and to have spent some quality time with a real-life hero.

That visit is admirable and worthy of attention because there are very few war veterans left, and for them, it is a joy that they are remembered. Time goes by and so do people. Generations come and go, stories become the past. But heroes that sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of thousands of people must be remembered and honored. We all should respect their strength and courage, and be grateful to them.