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Trip to Turkey


Matlyuba Ryuvadzheddinovna, the principal of the private school Istiqbol Zamon bolalari is a person open to new knowledge and new experience. She is always in search of innovations, regularly in the process of self-development. She often participates in international exhibitions and conferences and visits different countries. Such trips are far from being merely business trips. She learns about the culture and traditions of the country she visits, makes new friends, and is particularly interested in private-sector education. And, certainly, every trip brings new ideas and an exchange of experience.

In late March Matlyuba Ryuvadzheddinovna visited Turkey. Her trip was connected with an official visit to Turkish schools, which was administered by the Association of Non-Government Educational Organizations (AsNGEO). Ten principals of private schools from different cities of Uzbekistan had the opportunity to travel to Turkey for a week to familiarize themselves and study the Turkish education system, teaching methods, and the introduction of STEAM education.

During their stay in Turkey (from March 20 to March 28, 2021), the principals visited six private schools, four of which were Montessori schools and two STEM education integrated schools.

This trip was full of ideas and new experiences. The delegation was happy with the trip as they were able to accomplish all the goals, gain a greatly beneficial, priceless experience.

Presently, as a consequence, new goals have been set related to improving the quality of education in our school, with the introduction of new methods and teaching aids. And our main goal is to further develop!