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The Remembrance Week


During Remembrance Week which is observed at IZB school to honor May 9, the Day of Remembrance and Honor, students stage school plays to pay tribute to the heroes of World War II, to show that through time and generations, the horrors of war are not forgotten and the joy of victory has been preserved in the people’s memory.

Everyone at school gets involved in the preparations for this great event. The school campus is thematically decorated with banners on the military motif, teachers and students wear the symbols of victory, the St. George’s ribbon can be seen on, the students walk around the school in military hats. You can see a small variation of Immortal Regiment in the school foyer – a spot with portraits of our teachers’ and students’ grandfathers and great-grandfathers – heroes of the war.

This year’s Remembrance Week began with speeches from primary classes. During the week, each class in the elementary school has staged performances dedicated to Remembrance Week. The students have prepared for this event for a long time. Students paid their respect to the heroes of the war with dances to the songs of wartime and reciting poems.

In connection with the Week of Remembrance, the elementary school students had a lesson in commemoration of the sacrifices wrought by the Second World War. The school halls decorated with photographs of the heroes, representations of wartime items, and banners served as visual aids for the lesson.

Remembrance Week ended with a solemn school gathering where every class performed musical and theatrical recitals that go straight to hearts, and with a Moment of Silence for the fallen heroes of the war.

Such ceremonies are especially significant because they help our children know, commemorate, and honor the memory of the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the peaceful sky above our heads.