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The qualifying round for “Living Classics” has commenced.


November is the month of the Russian and English languages in schools.

And it has become a good tradition for our students to participate in the international reading contest “Living Classics.” The students of our schools are actively participating in it within the framework of the subject month.

On November 25, the qualifying round of the “Living Classics” competition among high school students commenced. Pupils of elementary grades were also involved. Students become eligible for the international level of the competition at the age of ten. Therefore, the participation of elementary school students is limited to the school stage only. High school students, however, have the opportunity to advance further. This year for the first time second-graders, the youngest participants took part in the competition.

At the qualifying round, the students were excited to read excerpts from their favorite novels and stories, demonstrating expressiveness in reading, artistry, and a profound understanding of the works.

The winners of the qualifying (school) round will continue to participate in the next stages of the competition with students from other schools and cities, and in the final, the winner will receive a pleasant prize – a ticket to the international summer camp “Artek.” We wish our students good luck!