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The Ministry of Public Education is working on three scenarios regarding the start of the new school year.


The Ministry of Public Education (MOE), the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, and other related ministries and agencies are carrying out studies on how to start the school year.

The Ministry of Public Education has reported that based on their institutional mandate they are working on three scenarios for the start of the school year.

Scenario # 1: As the pandemic stabilizes, schools will resume their normal operations. This is the best option for the ministry and our students. International experience shows that schoolchildren are less likely to become infected than adults, and the risk of the disease passing from children to adults is also not high.

Scenario # 2: If the Ministry of Health’s conclusion on the spread of the virus among children in Uzbekistan is not favorable, schooling may have to continue remotely.

Scenario # 3: This is a hybrid scenario. Schools will also be transferred to the in-person classroom system. In accordance with quarantine measures, in certain regions, students will continue to receive an education online or full-time.

In this case, at the initial stage, parents overwhelmed by a concern about the health of their children will be permitted to educate their child online at home, which means semi-attendance of school will be allowed.

The conclusion will be announced by the decision of the specially created republican commission.

Despite the changes in quarantine regulations, it has been stated that the Ministry of Public Education intends to continue the online school project. This project gives the child a constant opportunity to consolidate the knowledge gained in the classroom at school, and teachers – to receive masterclasses from their qualified colleagues.