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The competition for young readers “Living classics”

How to motivate children to read books, to plunge into the wonderful world of literature?

It was in that context that the international competition for reading “Living Classics”, which stemmed in Uzbekistan in 2016, was created.

The private school “IZB” has been an active participant in this project from 2017-2018.
The competition involves an expressive reading of a prose excerpt for 3-5 minutes. Certainly, the pupils should choose their favorite book, feel it, get to know the characters better.

There are always many participants at the IZB school, even primary school pupils participate in the school stage.

The winner of the competition “Living Classics” in 2018 was a Grade 8 pupil Madumarova Makhbuba (Ch. Aitmatov “Mother’s Field”), who was awarded a free ticket to the Artek summer camp.

In 2019, S. Pattaev (Grade 6), Kh. Bakhodirov (Grade 7), D. Akhmedov (Grade 6), M Rakhimov (Grade 4) took part in the final stage of the competition. Rakhimov Mukhammadali, one of the winners of the competition, was awarded a ticket to the Republic of Belarus. In 2020, Rakhimov M. (Grade 5), Gnusareva A. (Grade 8), Akhmedov D. (Grade 7) reached the final stage of the reading competition “Living Classics.”
The national curator of the international competition for young readers in Uzbekistan is Mirzanazarova A.M. Participation in the competition is free. At school, the teachers of the Russian language and literature Karimova M.M., Irsmanbetova L.R., Tadjibaeva L.E. prepare the children for participation in the project.

The Living Classics competition reveals talent, develops artistry, and introduces the culture of reading. It also an opportunity to travel and make friends.