Donations to school

There is absolute psychological comfort for our kids at school. I would also like to emphasize the teachers’ hard work to motivate our children to achieve better results in their studies. The school offers a large selection of foreign languages for studying, and the presence of foreign teachers at school makes the learning process even […]

Sarapulova Angelina
Sultan’s mom. Namangan

We associate our child’s prospects with IZB school. Here my daughter receives in-depth knowledge of English and Mathematics, creative thinking, and an excellent upbringing. School “IZB” is a good springboard for entering a university.

Gnusareva Larisa Ravilevna
Nastya's mom. Namangan

I highly recommend this school. The school partners with the family to provide a positive educational experience. The teachers are fair-minded and highly experienced. Our memorable moments are connected with the benevolent teachers and the warm atmosphere.

Kristina Mamisashvily-Aksoy
Anna Aksoy's mom. Georgia

I am glad that my children had the opportunity to continue their studies at the private school “Istiqbol Zamon Bolalari”, which differs from traditional educational institutions with their innovative approach to teaching, and the fact that they manage to base a secular upbringing on the oriental mentality. A special thanks for the creation of conditions […]

Aziza Mirzanazarova
Oybek's mom. Namangan

The school is great! The teaching staff is just superb! It was in this school that we began to take part in the international olympiads. A creative and innovative approach in the work of the school leadership and administration!

Yuldasheva Madina
Azimova Yasmina's mom. Tashkent