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Reception of a guest from the UK


The principal of the IZB school, Matluba Madaminova, is a person who never stops at what has been achieved. She always strives to conquer new heights, is always in search of innovations to self-develop and improve the school. She is regularly engaged in various international events both in our country and abroad. And she also loves to make acquaintances with different interesting people, from different fields, and different countries. And, as a rule, she always invites them to our school, to meet with our students, to get a closer look at the educational process. And they gladly come to us, share their opinions, ideas, and their experiences. Therefore, foreigners in our school are not rare guests.

 On May 24 our school was visited by the wife of a British lord, director of the international training center “Women’s leadership”, an entrepreneur from Great Britain, Gulihonim Sheikh. The topic of private education is very close to her. She got acquainted with the conditions created for the students and with the educational process and talked with the children with pleasure. The guest organized a master class for students and teachers. At the training, Gulihonim shared her experience on the development of women’s leadership qualities, on communication skills, and revealed the secrets of the qualities of women as leaders.

 Gulikhonim’s visit to our school left a huge impression on both students and teachers. As a result of the meeting, Ms. Madaminova and Gulikhonim Sheikh agreed on further cooperation in the field of private education.