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Nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten


May 9 … What does this date remind you of? What feelings does it evoke in your heart?

In many countries, the 9th of May is a holiday, Victory Day associated with joy, with the Great Victory over fascism back in 1945. A joy that celebrates the end of the horrors, fear, death, uncertainty that brought the five-year war, a joy that celebrates those terrors becoming history, a joy that celebrates happiness and blue skies of the present. It is a joy that celebrates the peaceful sky above our heads, which is not interrupted by heavy attacks from bombers, light breath of breeze, and pleasant sounds of spring that are not silenced by the noise of explosions, screams, and mourning. It is a joy that commemorates that our generation did not face the horrors our ancestors suffered.

But how often do we stop to think about what price our ancestors had to pay for this joy? This joy was paid for with the blood of our ancestors, at the expense of their lives. And not one, but millions … Therefore, the 9th of May in Uzbekistan is celebrated as the Day of Remembrance and Honor. It is our sacred duty to remember the courageous deeds of our ancestors.

In our country, this day is associated with grieving and sadness, with reverence for what happened and for those who survived and those who were killed.

Even though it has been 76 years since the Second World War ended, we still treat that period of history with honor because it also affects this generation. There is hardly any family whose great-grandfathers and even great-great-grandfathers did not fight in that war. Many of them were killed and died with dignity, defending their homeland from fascism, some of them survived that war and could see their children and grandchildren. Children should know and remember the heroes of their families.

IZB school annually celebrates the 9th of May, paying respect and tribute to the memory of our hero ancestors. The Remembrance Week at our school has started. Our students in each grade, from elementary to senior, will once again commemorate the day by expressing their respect to everyone who has been through that war.