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Navruz celebrations


Spring in our country is a period of holidays and festivals. The most important holiday of spring and one of the most important holidays in Uzbekistan is Navruz. It is a holiday that symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is associated with the rebirth of nature, with its revival after a cold winter, with the beginning of a new cycle in the year, and according to the Eastern calendar, with the commencement of a new year.

All over the country, people prepare for this holiday long before its onset. Community work and hashars are held, streets, gardens, parks are cleaned and restored. Our school also arranges for the celebration of Navruz with great pleasure. Weekend volunteer clean-up programs are held, the children clean up the schoolyard, flower beds, help whitewash the trees. But the most important arrangements are the preparation for the festive concert. The students choreograph dances and stage school plays, learn songs, and, most importantly, make costumes.

On March 19, our school celebrated Navruz. In the morning the boys came to school in national skullcaps and belbogs – a traditional piece of clothing wrapped around the waist like a belt, and the girls in beautiful satin and adras dresses. There was a festive spirit in the classroom. After the lessons, real folk performances began. The boys competed in kurash – Uzbek national wrestling sport, tug-of-war, played a traditional game – knocking a pebble. The girls, according to Uzbek traditions, braided forty braids, dyed their eyebrows with usma – a type of grass women and girls use to dye brows and hair, and put henna on their palms. To the sounds of national music, the students presented beautiful dances, to the sound of cheerful laughter, they launched kites high into the sky. And at the end of the holiday, everyone danced a flash mob dance to the traditional Andijan polka music. Even teachers and educators could not restrain themselves from such pleasure. The holiday was a success!