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Maths without borders

International tournament “Mathematics without Borders” – an olympiad contest in Maths, was established in Bulgaria

International tournament “Mathematics without Borders” – an olympiad contest in Maths, was established in Bulgaria in 2014. The goal of the tournament is to encourage students to express themselves effectively.
The tournament is an individual competition consisting of four rounds: three correspondence rounds, held during the academic year in autumn, winter, and spring in the participant’s country of residence, and the in-person final stage, held in the city of Nessebar, Bulgaria. Pupils from 18 countries of the world, including Uzbekistan, take part in the tournament. Our pupils have been participating in this tournament for three years now, three times in online tournaments, and in the summer in the final stage of the International Olympiad. The total international rating of the participants is issued after each round. We have prize-winners of the tournament among our bright pupils.

In 2016-2017 academic year: 1. Akhmadzhanov Azimjon, grade 5 – 1st place, gold medal, 2. Mirkhidoyatov Rasuljon, grade 4- 2nd place, silver medal, 3. Holmirzaev Asror, grade 4 – 2nd place, silver, 4. Zhamalov Khasan, grade 2 – 2nd place, silver, 5. Zhamalov Khusan, grade 2 – 2nd place, silver

In 2017-2018 academic year: 1. Pashakhudzhaev Abdulaziz, grade 2 – 3rd place, bronze

In 2018-2019 academic year: 1. Munavarov Akbar, grade 1 -3rd place, bronze, 2. Yuldashev Mukhammadziyoviddin, grade 1 – 3rd place, bronze, 3. Pashakhudzhaev Abdulaziz, grade – 3rd place, bronze,

4.Azimova Malika, grade 3 -3rd place, bronze, 5. Azimova Yasmina, grade 5 – 3rd place, bronze. Yuldashev Mukhammadziyoviddin was awarded the Cup for the best result in all rounds.

Since 2016, Darvisheva Dilbar (Dina) Abdurasulovna, a mathematics teacher, has been leading the project. Students in grades 1-11 can participate in this contest. Preparation for the Olympiad takes place at school during additional classes, as well as vacations. The final, in-person stage takes place in Bulgaria, two days are allotted to the olympiad, and the rest of the time the participants rest on the Black Sea coast, get acquainted with the culture and customs of this country. The participants can be accompanied by their relatives and friends.