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International contest SASMO

Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad SASMO is a maths olympiad contest founded in Singapore in 2006.

The aim of the contest is not only to stretch mathematically gifted schoolchildren but also to motivate more students to learn this subject. The tournament is an individual competition that consists of two rounds: the first, being a qualifying round, is usually held in the spring in the participant’s country of residence, and the second is the final round, which takes place in Singapore. Schoolchildren from 19 countries of the world, including Uzbekistan, take part in the tournament. The students of our school have been participating in this olympiad for three years. Unfortunately, none of our pupils have had a chance to participate in the final stage and visit Singapore yet. However, many have been awarded prizes in the qualifying round. Among them are:

  • Abdurazzakov Sardor (6th grade, bronze) and Akhmadzhanov Shokhrukh (7th grade, bronze) in the 2016 – 2017 academic year
  • Mirzamakhmudova Kamila (3rd grade, silver), Brekin Maxim (4th grade, bronze), and Akhmadzhanov Shokhrukh (8th grade, bronze) in the 2017 – 2018 academic year
  • Mirzamakhmudova Kamila (4th grade, bronze) and Azimova Yasmina (5th grade, bronze) in the 2018 – 2019 academic year

From 2016 to 2019, the teacher of mathematics, Khalilov Refat Rustamovich, directed the project. Students in grades 2-11 can participate in this contest. The pupils train for the olympiad at school during the extra classes and vacations. The organizers of this olympiad, trainers from Singapore Henry Ong and Merlan Nagidulin come to Tashkent during the winter holidays to conduct preparatory training for Uzbek students. Many of our pupils underwent training at those workshops.