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Holidays are not a reason to stay home from school.


Istiqbol Zamon bolalari is open to its students all year round. And the holidays when children get a break from their lessons are also no exception.

For the vacation period, our teachers arrange a program of various fun activities, which combines both cultural events and extra tutorial classes. The children can attend school and spend time with their friends at school without the need to wait for the new academic term to start. In addition, they can attend various artistic and developmental circles, take supplementary lessons in Math, Russian, English, and other foreign languages, and take part in various sports competitions. Moreover, cultural trips to other cities are also organized during the holiday breaks.

 Our teachers prepared an excellent program for the winter holiday breaks. In addition to supplementary lessons in Russian, English, Mathematics, and Computer Science the children also attended extracurricular activities in Mnemonics and Rubik’s cube assembly. Competitions and contests in different subject disciplines such as Spelling Bee among the students of Grades 5 to 9, DIY among the 5th and 6th graders, draughts contest, a visit to the Ibrat Museum and the editorial office of the newspaper Namangan Haqiqati, an excursion to the park Afsona and a trip to the Ice Palace in Fergana kept an unforgettable impression and brightened up the students’ holidays.

Our students know that the holidays can be spent not only at home but also in the protected environment of the school having fun and enjoyable activities!