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Graduation concert of Grade 4B


So the first swallows fluttered out of the caring hugs of their home-room teacher. Grade 4 B students celebrated their graduation today.


This day was long-awaited for the students. Preparation and organization began long before its onset. Together with their homeroom teacher, Zulfiya Nailievna, and with the help of parents, students prepared an excellent program with beautiful dances and songs. Zulfiya Nailievna encouraged the children to demonstrate their full artistic talents at the celebration. Her students showed their acting skills in sketches, bright dances, and songs.

Many guests were invited to the Music Performance among whom were the school administration, teachers, and the parents of graduates. In addition, Zulfiya Nailievna invited her former students to say words of encouragement to her students.

At the end of the concert, parents spoke words of gratitude to the kids’ homeroom teacher. The role of the homeroom teacher is invaluable. Indeed, she is not only a homeroom teacher, she is the kids’ first teacher. The children have come a long way with their teacher from first to fourth grade. She led them on the right track, was there for them, and supported them to cope with difficulties. And in the next school step, they will take with them everything that she has laid in them.

Congratulations to our young graduates of the elementary school, pupils of the 4th “B” grade!