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Conference on “The Importance of Leadership, STEAM and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools”


On May 10, Namangan hosted the International scientific-practical conference on “The Importance of Leadership, STEAM and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools“. The conference was attended by the administration of the A. Avloni Scientific-Research Institute, Professor of the University of North Georgia (USA) Carlise Wynne, principals and teachers of schools in Namangan, Kokand, Bukhara, Tashkent region, and Tashkent city.

The principal of the private school Istiqbol Zamon Bolalari in Namangan Madaminova Matlyuba opened the conference and introduced all the participants. During the conference, Matlyuba Madaminova made a presentation on the topic of “The methods of increasing leadership competencies” supporting the theoretical materials of introducing new techniques with clear examples from her personal experience. Several workshop-training sessions by teachers from English-speaking countries on project-based learning were organized. High school students from specialized schools in Namangan took part in the practical conference, demonstrating excellent communication skills and the knowledge gained in the process of introducing innovative technologies. Koriev Mirzokhid, the principal of specialized state school №66 in the city of Namangan, introduced the audience to the basics of STEAM techniques, describing in detail the advantages of each of them using examples. The provided material stimulated genuine interest and heated discussions among those present.

Gayrat Tajibaev, Head of the Department of “Methods of Teaching English” at Namangan State University, Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogical Sciences, spoke at the forum and held a training session with English teachers on the topic “Communicative approaches to teaching English in primary school.” The forum attendees also gained invaluable experience during the master class on “Student-Oriented Learning Using National Textbooks” by Wendy Coulson, American Council’s English Speaking Nation Program Coach, who is also an expert with international experience in teaching English to young learners. W. Coulson demonstrated various methods and approaches that contribute to the development of teachers’ abilities to ensure communication in the classroom and the use of methods focused on the active learning of students.

In the final part, M. Madaminova made a speech of gratitude and solemnly presented certificates to the conference participants.

We would like to note that the initiative of the Ministry of Public Education to improve the quality of teaching in schools, supported by the administration of the A. Avloni Scientific-Research Institute, met all expectations. The training of 25 school principals of the republic at the courses for improving leadership competencies and studying the basics of management, organized by the A. Avloni Scientific-Research Institute in cooperation with the University of North Georgia, USA is coming to an end and we can already boast that it is yielding the expected accomplishments!