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Chess classes are of great importance in the upbringing of a child, they develop logical thinking, improve memory, and help make independent decisions. In many developed countries, chess has been introduced into the educational program as an academic subject. By the Decree of the President of the Republic PP-3906 of August 9, 2018, in Uzbekistan, chess has also become a part of the educational program.

At NEE “IZB” pupils began to study chess from the first days of the school’s foundation. At that time, chess was conducted as an optional activity, and from the academic year 2016-2017, it has been one of the main subjects. Today, the pupils of Grades 1-8 have two hours of chess lessons a week. Once they step into the chess study room, the children immediately find themselves in the kingdom of chess pieces, where they meet portraits of famous master athletes. A black and white floor in the shape of a chessboard, a clock, a large chessboard with figures – all the accessories empower children to immerse themselves in the fairy world of chess.

Candidates for Master of Sports Rakhimov Zhakhongir Usmanovich and Zokirov Orifjon Odilzhonovich help to learn the secrets of this sport.

The school regularly hosts competitions, tournaments, where children actively demonstrate their abilities, receive prizes and gifts. The result of the smart work of our athletes is the victories at regional and republican championships.

Republican competitions are held annually in March by the Association of NEE of Uzbekistan. In 2018 our team ranked fourth place in the tournament, then in 2019 primary school students ranked second, and senior classes were ranked third among the pupils of all private schools in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The star of our school is Mamatov Zhaloliddin, who took second place in the regional championship among boys of the Namangan region, which was held in 2020. Akhmadzhanov Jakhongir, Grade 4 pupil, became the absolute winner at the “Chessboard of Youth” competition in the city of Namangan, winning first place.

We are proud of our chess players Khabibullaev Shukhrat, Bakhodirov Timur, Akhmadzhanov Azimjon, Kabulov Danil, Rakhimov Bobur, who constantly replenish the school piggy bank with their victories. Even during the days of quarantine, Jahongir Usmanovich and Orifjon Odiljonovich continued to organize online training lessons, conducted classes and various competitions.