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Celebrating the Defenders of Motherland Day!


On January 14, our country celebrates the Defenders of Motherland Day. Everyone connected with the military mission and stands guard over the military order invisibly protects and keeps us safe, guards the blue skies above our heads.

In this respect the military unit of micro-district 3 of the Namangan region convened an open day for the students of our school, allowing them to look at military life from the inside.

The children learned a lot of impressive things. During the tour of the military unit, they became acquainted with the daily routine of servicemen,  visited its kitchen, and were demonstrated military technology. In addition, the students got an opportunity to have a closer look at various types of military arms, to hold them in their hands, to point at the target, were demonstrated how to disassemble and assemble weapons. The boys tried on various types of military uniforms, for a while portraying themselves as those who serve our Motherland.

The children were very impressed by what they had seen and received a lot of positive emotions. Certainly, the boys took a keen interest, because they are about to approach the time they step into the territory of the military unit not as visitors, but as military personnel.