Congratulations to the finalist of the Annual International Festival of the Russian Language!

Students of our school take part in many international events, competitions and Olympiads. One of these events is the Annual International Festival of the Russian Language. The Annual International Festival of Russian language is an educational and creative platform where participants have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the Russian language in live communication. […]

Professors from America visited “IZB”

Двери «IZB» всегда открыты для гостей. Мы рады приветствовать их в стенах нашей ш The doors of ” IZB ” are always open for guests. We are happy to welcome them to our school, taking them through our spacious corridors, showing them equipped, colorfully decorated classrooms and introducing them to our wards. Our pupils are […]

American summer camp in the walls of IZB

The IZB school actively participates in various projects. The school has the opportunity to invite foreign teachers for cooperation, which is no longer uncommon for IZB. So, at the end of June, another international-level project is being launched. This large-scale event is the opening of the American camp called “English summer camp” in coordination with […]

Training of specialists at the Institute Avloni

Today, many areas, including education, require a more practical approach than before. In this regard, in the field of education, it is time for  practical application of theoretical knowledge. Despite the difficulties of a material or moral nature (finances, age, health status, etc.), a lot of our colleagues actively acquire programs that improve business and […]

Graduation concert of Grade 4A

Another group of young graduates fledged and flew out of the cozy nest towards new knowledge. On May 26, a farewell concert was held with the elementary school of grade 4 “A” pupils.  The concert took place at the school. The kids had started the preparation long before graduation day and demonstrated a responsible attitude. […]

Reception of a guest from the UK

The principal of the IZB school, Matluba Madaminova, is a person who never stops at what has been achieved. She always strives to conquer new heights, is always in search of innovations to self-develop and improve the school. She is regularly engaged in various international events both in our country and abroad. And she also […]

IZB at the Flowers Festival-2021

Probably, everybody who lives in Uzbekistan has heard that Namangan is a city of flowers. In spring, when the air is filled with warmth, and nature comes to life, when everything around begins to turn green, the city is drowned in flowers. On the streets, along the sidewalks, near various organizations, in parks there are […]

Graduation concert of Grade 4B

So the first swallows fluttered out of the caring hugs of their home-room teacher. Grade 4 B students celebrated their graduation today.   This day was long-awaited for the students. Preparation and organization began long before its onset. Together with their homeroom teacher, Zulfiya Nailievna, and with the help of parents, students prepared an excellent […]

End of school year

The end of May is approaching and another academic year is coming to its end. For some students it is just a transition from one class to another, for some, it implies entering a new school stage, but for others, the last call will indeed be the last one, and the end of the school […]

Conference on “The Importance of Leadership, STEAM and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools”

On May 10, Namangan hosted the International scientific-practical conference on “The Importance of Leadership, STEAM and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools“. The conference was attended by the administration of the A. Avloni Scientific-Research Institute, Professor of the University of North Georgia (USA) Carlise Wynne, principals and teachers of schools in Namangan, Kokand, […]