Around the world

Since its establishment to this very day, IZB school has made every effort to create the right environment for the comprehensive development of our pupils. Through various competitions, olympiads, training sessions, and exciting excursions, our pupils have visited many countries during their years of study at our school. Travelling allows our students to develop comprehensively, […]

Robotic technology

Currently, our pupils can explore and study the basics of robotics at school and during after-class activities. Many parents are now wondering why children need robotics? Such activities help expand a child’s creativity skills. Parents should pay attention to robotics if their child is interested in technology. Robotics will help to practically consolidate the pupils’ […]

The Creative Fine Arts Circle

In Creative Fine Arts and Artistic Creativity circles, led by Tadjibaeva Mukaddam Salohiddinovna and Tegay Nadezhda Yurievna, children learn unconventional drawing techniques, such as: stone painting coffee technique pointillism 3D technique thread graphics plasticinography scratch boarding; making applications – one of the ways to obtain an image using various materials at hand origami – the […]

Korean language classes

IZB private school has signed a bilateral agreement with the Education Center of the Republic of Korea at the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and launched the instruction of the Korean language at the junior levels of the school. The Center for Education of the Republic of Korea takes care and assistance in learning […]

The competition for young readers “Living classics”

How to motivate children to read books, to plunge into the wonderful world of literature? It was in that context that the international competition for reading “Living Classics”, which stemmed in Uzbekistan in 2016, was created. The private school “IZB” has been an active participant in this project from 2017-2018.The competition involves an expressive reading […]


The favorite pastime of our boys, like all men, is football. The school football pitch is a favorite place for our boys. Mahmudov Shokhrukh coaches the practice sessions in this type of sport once a week. In each class, there are gifted athletes who worthily defend the honor of the school in various competitions. The […]

Mental arithmetics

Mental arithmetic contributes to the mental development of the child, develops the cerebral hemispheres and fine motor skills, improves memory, helps to focus attention, and accelerates the logical thinking of the child. In the 2019-2020 academic year, mental arithmetic was introduced into the school curriculum. Classes are held two hours per week in Grades 1-8. […]


Chess classes are of great importance in the upbringing of a child, they develop logical thinking, improve memory, and help make independent decisions. In many developed countries, chess has been introduced into the educational program as an academic subject. By the Decree of the President of the Republic PP-3906 of August 9, 2018, in Uzbekistan, […]