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At Ya Klass, we are among the best!


This is not the first time we have said that our school is actively using the distance learning platform Ya Klass. It is a new regular month of study, and our students keep the momentum going from the very beginning of the school year.

The statistics, which are kept on the site every day, show that among the classes in the school, Grade 6A is in the lead, which is followed by Grades  7A and 9A.

Moreover, our school is among the top of the most active schools in Uzbekistan, which is undoubtedly a very pleasing fact. We rank as the second now, but soon we hope to make it to the first! This means that the students are open to new ideas and development, keep on consolidating, and reinforcing the knowledge gained at school, have a thirst and passion for knowledge, which makes us happy!

And now our course is aimed at making our school first! Forward towards gaining new knowledge! ☺