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American summer camp in the walls of IZB


The IZB school actively participates in various projects. The school has the opportunity to invite foreign teachers for cooperation, which is no longer uncommon for IZB. So, at the end of June, another international-level project is being launched. This large-scale event is the opening of the American camp called “English summer camp” in coordination with the American Webster University in Tashkent.

Webster University is one of the most famous in the United States. This is an international university, the main campus of which is based in St. Louis. The university has campuses on 4 continents, in countries such as Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Greece, China, Thailand and Ghana. In 2019, Webster University opened another international campus in Tashkent. For 3 years, the university has earned a well-deserved popularity. This is the first branch of the American University in Uzbekistan..

In cooperation with IZB and with the support of the American Embassy, Webster University is opening a summer camp within the walls of our school. For this purpose, 20 worthy pupils were selected who distinguished themselves during the performance of their presentations in English during the visit of representatives from the university. The purpose of the presentations was to present their mini-projects and talk about them and the process of their creation. Now the lucky ones will have the opportunity to study with foreign teachers. This is an invaluable experience both for our pupils selected for the camp, and for our teachers who will also take part in the project. The “English summer camp” will be from June 27 to July 23 on the territory of the IZB school.